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Ersula Knox Odom:

History Happens Every Day

Historical Portrayal of Mary McLeod Bethune

Historical Portrayal of Mary McLeod Bethune Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune(1875-1955) was the founder of Bethune-Cookman College. She served as a New Deal government official — she was one of the 20 highest-level offices held by women in the administration, and the highest held by an African American woman. She was founder of  FDR’s “black cabinet.” She served as president of the National Association of Colored Women. She founded and served as president of the National […]

Book – African Americans of Tampa

Book – African Americans of Tampa Tampa has a fascinating past that has been wonderfully documented with one exception: African-Americans. This culturally rich community is virtually invisible in the eyes of history. Tampa’s population exploded during the early 1900’s, and the building boom universally required the skills and talents of African-Americans, who provided services, labor, and entrepreneurship in a massive form. They played significant roles in everything from Tampa’s wilderness era to its boom town […]

Book – At Sula’s Feet

Book – At Sula’s Feet From the pen, heart, and soul of Ersula Knox Odom comes “At Sula’s Feet”, the fond and treasured recollections of a country girl whose life was shaped and enriched by the wit, wisdom and love of her grandmother. Take a Journey down the dirt road where many of her life lessons were learned in a time that was simple and significant. Some things will make you smile, cry or laugh […]

Podcast – Wit Wisdom & Wonder

Podcast – Wit Wisdom & Wonder Wit Wisdom & Wonder are little bits of wisdom from legacy interviews, books, observation of life, and words of wisdom from ordinary to extraordinary people. Some things will make laugh, some will make you say “Wow”. Some will make you wonder “What the heck!” Inspiration and motivation can come from the strangest places.   Listen closely, the answer to what you are wondering about may just pop up. Click here to start Listening Wit […]