Ersula portrays MMB and brings  her story to life

Ersula Knox Odom is a legacy writer with more than one hundred published articles to her credit, an author with two commissioned biographies scheduled for publication in late 2015, a Mary McLeod Bethune chautauquan, a motivational speaker and a prize-winning life lyricist. 


Odom’s historical research and legacy writing illuminated the lives of hundreds of historically important individuals for The Weekly Challenger News, The Power Broker Magazine, The Florida Sentinel Bulletin, The James H. Hammond Story, and The Doris Ross Reddick Story.

As Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Ms. Odom researched, developed performance scripts for and portrays the national legend for the Florida Humanities Council including: “Mary McLeod Bethune Comes to Life” and “Two Takes on A Dream – Mary McLeod Bethune and Zora Neale Hurston.”

Ms. Odom's first book, "At Sula's Feet”, addressed complex issues in lighthearted terms. Odom wrote of fond and treasured recollections of a country girl whose life was shaped and enriched by the wit, wisdom and love of her grandmother. Her life lyrics take you down the dirt roads where many of her life lessons were learned in a time that was simple and significant.

Odom’s book, “African Americans of Tampa”, has been awarded by and gotten rave reviews from the community it addresses. The book is educational and visually appealing. The photographs and the compelling history behind them found in “African Americans of Tampa” clearly illustrate the value of Tampa’s social and productive African American community.

As a motivational speaker, Ms. Odom has the uncommon ability to relate to multi-generational and multicultural audiences by sharing experiences from such areas as rural living, college life, Fortune 500 corporate management, spirituality, being a mother, entrepreneurship, sales, and genealogy to publishing her books.



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