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Book – The Doris Ross Reddick Story –  Co-written with Ersula Knox Odom

DDR FT COVER (2)The first Black woman to serve on and chair the Hillsborough County School Board was Doris Ross Reddick. Mrs. Reddick taught children and adults in Hillsborough County Schools for many years. She served as a resource and reading teacher, learning and curriculum specialist, assistant principal, and as an educational diagnostician.

Her story has been built from a legacy of love and the collective wisdom of generations. Former slaves to United States Presidents have held her hands to hold her, to guide her and to be honored to meet her.

From Florida to New York Mrs. Reddick’s impact has been profound. She led the way to a peaceful transition during desegregation. She helped set the standard for teaching African American and Hispanic Studies in Florida. She put injustice to shame as she demanded equality for minority business owners.

Her story reveals how one person with a soft voice and a firm hand can indeed make a difference. This book is the product of her sharing spirit and desire that her story may serve as an example that you can materialize whatever dream your heart can imagine.   Resellers contact 800-435-0285.  Click here to order.

Book – African Americans of Tampa by Ersula Knox Odom

AAOT Cover

Tampa has a fascinating past that has been wonderfully documented with one exception: African-Americans. This culturally rich community is virtually invisible in the eyes of history. Tampa’s population exploded during the early 1900’s, and the building boom universally required the skills and talents of African-Americans, who provided services, labor, and entrepreneurship in a massive form. They played significant roles in everything from Tampa’s wilderness era to its boom town years and were key players in the first and second Seminole Wars with their Seminole alliance. African American soldiers captured Fort Brooke during the Civil War and fought in the Spanish-American War. Residents have endured Jim Crow, desegregation, and racial unrest yet thrived as entrepreneurs. Black Cubans, as part of the greater African-American community, enabled Tampa’s world-renowned cigar industry. The photographs found in African Americans of Tampa clearly illustrate Tampa’s social and productive African-American community. Click here to order.

Book – At Sula’s Feet by Ersula Knox Odom

ASF front cover (2) From the heart and soul of Ersula Knox Odom comes “At Sula’s Feet”, the fond and treasured recollections of a country girl whose life was shaped and enriched by the wit, wisdom and love of her grandmother. Take a journey down the dirt road where many of her life lessons were learned in a time that was simple and significant. Some things will make you smile, cry or laugh out loud. If you are like most, you will find yourself venturing back to your childhood memories to pick up your forgotten family treasures. Resellers contact 800-435-0285. Click here to order.


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