Danny Glover
Master Actor (Lethal Weapon – Color Purple)

Danny and Ersula 2“I listened intently to your performance. You embody the essence of Dr. Bethune. You were very credible. Very believable. I enjoyed every minute of it.”


Annie Payne
 Owner/Personal Historian at History From the Heart – Australia

“Ersula is a multi-talented woman – story teller, writer, family and personal historian, actress and broadcaster. Her natural warmth and ‘people skills’ compliment her business acumen. I have known her since 2008.”


Ingrid Landis-Davis 
Independent Publishing

Professional”Ersula is creative, innovative and knows how to bring a project to fruition. She always completes her goals and does so with grace and aplomb. Her ideas are well thought out and detailed.”

Chaz Mena
 Actor in “Los Secretos de Lucia” at Venevision

“Ersula is task oriented, a team player, a complete professional on all counts. I enjoyed her Chautauqua depiction of Mary McLeod Bethune, Florida Matron and Civil Rights activist. I had the pleasure of working with Ersula on a small, independent production not long ago and I can only hope that we will work together again. She dedicated her heart and soul to the production.”

Arbra Tawwab
 CEO/Founder of Arbra’s Retreat & Wellness Center,LLC

Ersula is goal oriented and knowledgeable about her work. She is creative, dependable and works well with a team. She is highly respected among her peers and in the community.”


Pat Spencer
 Public Relations and Communications

ProfessionalI have known Ersula Odom as a person who has a keen business sense. She goes in depth in any situation before making a final stand. After checking out every aspect to move a project forward, she will then determine if it is positive and continue, or if it does not show promise, she will make a decision not to lose time over it. She will either revamp the project, or move to another avenue. She always ends up with a positive ending”

Kristy Brindle
 Vice President-Marketing and Sales at LandCrafters of Clearwater

“Ersula Odom’s leadership style fosters teamwork, creativity, and personal growth. Ersula is an expert at increasing productivity and revenue by establishing, communicating, and fostering the achievement of short-, and long-term goals and ventures. Ersula Odom a virtuoso of ethics, business acumen, and executive leadership.”

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